Tea Trails chain launches its first outlet with tea -infused food menu

Tea Trails, an emerging tea cafe chain in the country, launched its first cafe with tea-infused food menu in Mumbai at Kala Ghoda on Thursday. The cafe offers a curated range of finest teas from around the world along with suitable tea accompaniments, justifying the theory of tea pairing.Uday Mathur, co-founder, Tea Trails, said, "Tea is the brew of choice of art lovers. With the launch of Kala Ghoda cafe, total number of outlets operation under Tea Trails brand has now reached in double digit i.e at 10, which is a milestone for us. We serve around 80 offerings of teas from hot to cold, white, greens, oolong and black, handpicked from the best tea garden of India and around the globe, we also serve a vast range of tea-infused food and we hope people will enjoy our curated cuisine.” The menu includes Burmese tea salad, tea marbled eggs, and tea infused Thai bowl.

Source: http://www.fnbnews.com/Beverage/tea-trails-chain-launches-its-first-outlet-with-tea-infused-food-menu-38508

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