What is Franchising?

Franchise is an understanding between two parties, first party that has developed a proven business model, successful method of operating that business. And now, first gives the rights to the other party to operate the same business under particular format and manage individually as his/her own business by investing capital and time; churning PROFITS while enjoying a support complete support and brand of first party.
First party is called ‘Franchisor’ and Other party is called ‘Franchisee’. Third party who facilitates the process is called franchise business consultants. They help companies get ready to franchise their business.


Key Elements in Franchising:
›    Rights to a Name, System and Know-How
›    Duplicating a Proven Business System
›    Owner / Operation of outlets by franchisees
›    Ongoing Development of Brand


Top Reasons to Franchise:

Expansion through franchising is speedier compared to setting-up own stores or outlets. It helps to penetrate a market and spread the presence of store or outlet in lesser even helping to take advantage of first/early move
Since the money investment in setting-up franchised stores or outlets is done by the franchisee so, Brands can open multiple outlets actually with zero investment of money. Franchising is considered as best way to raise capital without diluting the stake or equity
Your franchisees become the managers and are motivated by the profitability of their own store or outlet. Statistics have proved that franchised outlets outperform by 30% than the company owned stores or outlet

As an expert and best franchise business consultant, we help you to make your brand complete ready to franchise. By developing a franchise model, financial plan, franchise manuals, legal and other documentation i.e. complete end-to-end solutions in franchising. We not only hand-hold you to begin your Franchise Journey but even train you on how to successfully complete the journey and become and exciting Franchise Business Concept. We follow a scientific approach towards franchise model development.

To unleash the business potential, grow your franchise network and be a successful franchising brand. Get in touch with our franchise business consultant, for one to one meeting by leaving your contact details in the Enquiry Form alongside.