FCB RED is a shopper-first brand agency, says President Tina Manikas

No, FCB’s Tina Manikas, president, FCB/RED is not particularly angry about anything. The Red here stands for Retail Engagement and Digital. Manikas holds forth on how to take these from being buzzwords to an essential part of what agencies do. Many agencies do shopper marketing but we call ourselves a shopper first brand agency. Not only do we put everything through the lens of shopper first, but we have the power and creativity of every point of persuasion. It is shopper marketing with a big S: everything pre store, in store and post purchase. Digital is now the mobile phone; a point of sale and access.

Source: http://retail.economictimes.indiatimes.com/news/apparel-fashion/apparel/fcb-red-is-a-shopper-first-brand-agency-says-president-tina-manikas/46286462

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