Entrepreneur duo uses Food Truck innovation to promote gourmet popsicles

The Food Truck innovation comes to India with the launch of Furgurpop on Wheels,which is presenting the concept of hand-crafted gourmet paletaz (popsicles in Mexican) in India. The first-of-its kind retail innovation is currently based in Gurgaon. A brainchild of food entrepreneurs Pallavi Kuchroo and Sudheer Grocer, Furgurpop on Wheels will also offer a rolling menu comprising burgers, sandwiches and wraps in addition to popsicles, with deliveries limited to Delhi-NCR for now.

Source: http://www.indiaretailing.com/Foodservice/7/4/5/12770/Entrepreneur-duo-uses-Food-Truck-innovation-to-promote-gourmet-popsicles

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